Since 1991, the Transcending Trauma Project, as part of Council for Relationships, has conducted 305 in-depth life histories with 98 Holocaust survivors, and their children and grandchildren to better understand coping and adaptation after extreme trauma. The project has produced 1,200 hours of interviews which are permanently preserved as digital files. The Phil Wachs and Juliet Spitzer Archive of the Transcending Trauma Project is housed at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and is available onsite to the public. In 2015 the archive will be given to Yad Vashem and Temple University’s Special Collections Research Center.

In 2014 the Transcending Trauma Project findings were incorporated into a training series for therapists working with veterans and their families. Two books have been published based on the Transcending Trauma Project interviews. A third book is in process as well as articles on topics related to our findings.